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General Dutch (Tax) NewsPosted by Mike de Gruijl Thu, September 01, 2016 11:49:41

News from the Dutch Tax Authorities

From September 1 2016, The Dutch Tax Authorities are going to send seven (extra) messages for the first time digitally to the My Government (Mijn Overheid) inbox of every individual tax payer in The Netherlands.

There are seven new types of decisions/letters to income and starting from the year 2014.

The following messages are now sent digitally:

- The official tax assessment

- Subsequent recovery assessment

- Automatic reduction assessment

- Statement on the objection

- Decision on refunds

- Carry Back

- Request for official (next/decrease) provisional assessment

All messages are still sent on paper for at least 2 years.

More and more digital

Step by step The Dutch Tax Authorities will send more messages digitally. The invitation for filing your declaration, the provisional assessment and the final assessment of income have already been sent digitally. With this extension of digital services, taxpayers are increasingly creating a digital tax administration with the help of the tax authorities.

More information can be found at Tax & Service Solutions

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