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Adjusting your monthly tax return

General Dutch (Tax) NewsPosted by Mike de Gruijl Tue, November 08, 2016 11:54:58


Just 2 months to go and we will be in 2017. Time for taxes! Not the annual but the monthly tax return. This is what a lot people don't realize because the tax authorities will send a notification of their own estimated calculation to all the people who received a monthly tax return in 2016.

Automatic adjustments

Although the Dutch tax authorities do a lot of things automatically, they have a bad habit of adjusting your provisional (monthly) tax return in the wrong way.

Sometimes you will receive a provisional tax statement mentioning a higher amount to be received every month compared to the year before, but mostly they will send a provisional tax statement mentioning a (significant) lower amount which will be received every month. Rarely they will send you a statement which is 100% accurate.

What causes these wrong provisional statements? Is it a kind of caution? Just to make sure you will not end up paying money back after a year? No one really knows.

To keep in mind

What is certain that it is always smart to check these provisional tax statements to make sure you don't leave money at the tax authorities unnecessary and claim the amount which you are entitled of.

There are a few points te keep in mind when receiving a monthly tax return:

- Did you made extra repayments or are you planning to make extra repayments in the upcoming year? Extra payments effect your tax return immediately!
- What kind of mortgage do you have? A linear and/or annuity mortgage requires every year adjustments of the receivable taxes. Because you pay back your mortgage every month the interest payments will decrease every month and therefore your tax return as well.
Adjusting your monthly tax return every year is highly recommended in the above situations

We at Tax & Services Solutions are happy to assist you with filing your provisional tax declaration 2017. These services start at € 25,- For this fee you don't have to keep your money in "deposit" at the tax tax authorities

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