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Foreign investors rental market Netherlands

General Dutch (Tax) NewsPosted by Mike de Gruijl Sat, August 20, 2016 21:34:55

Foreign investors are increasingly focusing on the Dutch rental market.

From 2013 to 2015 corporations sold 15,000 homes to investors, according to figures from the Authority's housing associations, reports NRC.

The majority of them relates to social housing and the majority ended up with foreign investors.

Foreign investors previously invested more in offices and retail, now the Dutch rental market is discovered.

Not happy

Not everyone is happy with the arrival of investors. Because of the investors, it is feared that the sale by corporations contribute to the further shrinking of available social housing.

Arnhem, Barneveld and Dongen sued Minister Stef Blok (VVD Housing) for the court, to get his approval be reversed for the sale of Vestia homes in their communities. With success, the court declared Bloks decision void end of June.

striking investors

There are notable among investors. The American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros bought over six hundred apartments in the Arnhem region of corporation Vivare.

The transaction record is held by the German property fund Patrizia that bought in 2014 more than 5,500 apartments and houses of the tottering corporation Vestia for 570 million euros. US Roundhill Capital says having bought approximately 9,000 apartments on the Dutch market in three years.

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