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Will Belgium drop the rates for corporate tax?

General Dutch (Tax) NewsPosted by Mike de Gruijl Wed, August 24, 2016 13:26:23

Belgium is considering lowering the corporate tax gradually until 2020 from 33.99 percent to 20 percent.

That is a proposal which Belgian media have laid hands on. It is uncertain whether there is enough political support. Sources close to Government mention that the Belgian government can still modify the plans.

Companies would be losing the bulk of their current deductions to reduce.

One of the options for financing the plan is to increase the dividend from 27 to 30 percent. The abolition of the interest deduction for companies with many shareholders' equity is a possibility.

The Belgian government wants to encourage companies to borrow less money. The Belgian Finance Minister, Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA), suggested the idea earlier this year order to simplify the tax system. Also, elsewhere in Europe governments are examining ways to a simplify their system for corporation tax.

The Netherlands
For know The Netherlands are still interesting for companies to start and continue business due to the low corporate tax which maybe wil be even be more interesting in the future when the plans of secretary of state Wiebes will be effectuated.

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