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Mortgage Stress? NO WAY!

Expat tax matters mortgagePosted by Mike de Gruijl Tue, December 13, 2016 10:16:55

Tax & Service Solutions offers you a unique service in a close cooperation with De Boer Financial Consultants

Did you ever wonder who knows more about your financial situation than your tax advisor?

In FVB de Boer we found a business partner with the highest level of knowledge and service when it comes to expat mortgages in The Netherlands.
This is why Tax & Service Solutions and FVB de Boer cooperate together and you will benefit all the knowledge of 2 different worlds combined in one unique service!


If you ever applied for a mortgage it is likely you experienced a lot of stress collecting all the required documents and information your mortgage advisor asked you to. Not to speak about the long processing time and the additional documents you needed to collect.
When finally having a mortgage your tax advisor started asking information about your mortgage which sometimes wasn't even provided to you by your mortgage advisor..... Applying for the monthly tax return and filing your annual tax return wasn't as easy as your mortgage advisor told it to be.


Searching for the best advice and mortgage offers often turns out in meeting up with multiple mortgage advisors and explaining your financial/personal situation over and over. Sometimes you even discover that the advice given to you wasn't that complete or good as you hoped for!


Both Tax & Service Solutions and FVB de Boer were convinced that this had to change in your benefit as our client. During 2016 they started a cooperation in which they combined the best of both worlds (taxes and mortgage) in a one stop service. The results were above all expectations:

- Easy final approval for most mortgage applications
- Quick turnaround of the mortgage application (on average 3 weeks)
- More accurate and easier tax filings
- LESS STRESS for our clients


We believe you should always ask yourself the question "Why all the stress when there is a high level service out there which provides me all the benefits I need without the stress?"

This is why Tax & Service Solutions and FVB de Boer will continue this high level service for you as a client so the only things you will have to be concerned about are the nice things when buying a house!

Want to learn more about the tax-mortgage service? click here for more information

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